Research / Internship

Every year for the past three decades, a select number of students after a thorough scrutiny have undertaken research projects, and after an evaluation have been awarded certificates and fellowships. The major areas of research by students have been in plant tissue culture, bioremediation, toxicity studies of herbal formulations, nutritional assessment of rural population, phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants, and molecular biology. A few of our students have also published their work in science journals. More than 70% of our students who have successfully completed their undergraduate research programme have progressed to pursuing doctoral studies or jobs in research and development.

The staff of the department has been involved in research projects in areas such as molecular genetics, biotechnology, pharmacognosy, microbiology etc and have availed grants from funding agencies like UGC, GSBTM etc.

Research output by students

Guru Gayatri Novel Organisms to improve the process of Bio remediation
Christian Abhilash Effect of different microbes on the life span of C. elegans
Trish Das Biofilm: A Novel approach enhancing hydrocarbon degradation
Shilpi Agarwal BRET- A powerful technique to monitor cell death
Natasha Parikh Biodegradation of textile dye reactive black
Rashmiprabha Mahapatra From waste to power microbial fuel cell
Urmi Patel Comparative evaluation of heavy metal exclusion by bacterial cells using biosorption approach
Bhargavi Trivedi Bioethanol: Second generation fuel

Jahnavi Sheth Isolation Of Lactobacilli For Creating Auxotropic B-12 Mutants
Satyajit Pradan Comparative Analysis Of Engine Oil Degrading Bacterial Consortia
Neha Oli Cytotoxic Effects Of Herbal Drugs: Triphala And Ashokarishta On Schizosaccharomyces Pombe
Darshini Patni Biodiesel Production From Mixed Culture Algae
Ankita Patel Bioalcohol Production From Mixed Culture Algae

Krutika Vyas and Nikita Meghani Optimization of culture conditions for degradation studies of oil by microbial isolates from different sources
Shivani Maheswari Toxicity of herbal drugs on yeast and subsequent effects on yeast DNA
Kinjal D Shah To check the anti-proliferative potential of Triphala and Ashokarishta on Schizosaccharomyces pombe and effect on its protein content
Isha Majmudar Isolation of polyethylene degrading bacteria and assessment of their degrading efficiency
Jennifer Johnson Comparative Phytochemical Screening of Asparagus racemosus and study of its antibacterial activity
Prapti Purohit Comparative phytochemical screening of Withania somniferea and its claimed antifungal activity


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