The Department of Chemistry was established in 1956. The Department of Chemistry at St Xavier’s College is recognized as one of the best department in the college. The Department has an illustrious history in sharing the SXC tradition of excellence and has provided regional leadership in chemical education and research. The Department's strong record of achievement is based on its in chemical research, its success in incorporating these advances into teaching and research programs and its close relationship to government and industry.

The Department presently has 9 faculty members, all of whom participate in the graduate and postgraduate educational program and direct active research programs. There are currently about 200 students in undergraduate chemistry majors and nearly 60 postgraduate students in the Department. Approximately 33% or more of our students are women. This representation of students from widely different backgrounds contributes to the enrichment of student life within the Department.

The Department's program of teaching and research spans the breadth of chemistry. General areas covered include biological chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical and analytical chemistry. Specialized areas such as supramolecular chemistry, synthetic heterocyclic chemistry and medicinal chemistry are also covered.

In 1995 the department also began offering a self financed, vocation course in Industrial Chemistry. Going with the trend for vocational education, career oriented programme (COP) in “Instrumental Chemical Analysis” was introduced by the Department and have 42 and 50 students in 2011-12 and in 2012-13 respectively.

Gujarat is hub of Chemical industries like Dyes, Drugs, Petrochemicals, Cement, Fertilisers, Pesticides etc. All the newly synthesized products need structural evaluation and elucidation. Looking to the importance and requirements of analytical Chemists in such industries, College has introduce New distance learning initiative with Indira Gandhi Open University IGNOU –Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC) and running successfully since three years.

The Department has departmental library with 57 reference books.


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