“Once a Xavierite, always a Xavierite!”

This thought and statement in itself is a sense of belonging that most of us feel as we walk through the corridors of the college. This is where you must have formed lasting bonds with values, knowledge, friends and faculty. We hope your association with the college has been a cherished journey to not just covet a degree, but to become an individual making a difference to all around you.

SXCA is proud of each of you, who have found your niche in this competitive world. It will be an immense pleasure and honour to connect with all of you. SXCA Alumni association welcomes you to continue to be a part of the institution. We wish that you be role models to our current and all future batches of students. Your guidance and story will be invaluable in enhancing their journey through life. Please feel free to showcase your milestones on our college website.  

Our goal in the Alumni Office is to enable you to remain connected with the departments in order to promote stronger connections, and help provide opportunities for dialogue, sharing knowledge, voluntary service, social interaction and philanthropy. We will keep you posted of the developments in the college and also seek your suggestions in activities undertaken to shape future generations.

The cultural festival held annually in the second week of December can be a perfect setting for our alumni to visit the campus and we would be happy to host an Alumni Talent Night as well.

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