Education Qualification

B.A Psychology (2011-2014) from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad;

M.Sc. Cognitive Science (2015-2017) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar.

UGC-CBSE-NET + JRF in Psychology (July 2018)

UGC-NTA-NET Criminology (December 2018)

UGC-NTA-NET Anthropology (June 2019)

UGC-NTA-NET + JRF Education (December 2020 & June 2021 Merged Cycles)

Research Interests

False Memories, Neurophenomenology, Workplace Psychology, Cyberspace Behavior, etc.

1) Pastakia T.A. (2018). Is the Hard Problem of Consciousness Really All that Hard? A Neurophenomenological Review; International Journal of Social Sciences Review, January 2018 issue, ISSN: 23473797; Indian Association of Health Research and Welfare (IAHRW).

2) Pestonjee, D., & Pastakia, T. (2019). Modern Social Life and Mental Health. Liberal Studies, 4(2), 157 ,167.