Economics department, since the beginning has been one of the excellent departments in Humanities. Besides providing theoretical insights, discussions on applied economics and giving practical knowledge ensures a thorough understanding of the subject. We are a very well qualified team training students to pass out with high score, and enter and excel in areas like masters in economics, management, social sector, civil services and administration, banking, trade and commerce, business and more.

We conduct seminars, encourage discussions on current topics, teach and learn through innovative ways, facilitate research, and organize study trips and educational excursions. Teachers make themselves available to students who need mentoring on any front that they can handle. We have teaching expertise in all theoretical areas, such as Micro and Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Trade and commerce, Agricultural economics, IPR, Managerial Economics and Environmental Economics. We train our students to be leaders, and help develop their talents in a holistic manner.

Our Vision

To attain excellence in theoretical knowledge of the subject, research, outreach, extension, administration and management as well as in civic awareness.

Our Mission

Short term goal of the department is to attain academic excellence. However, our long term goal is to make the students think critically on economic issues confronting them in their daily lives, so that they can actively engage themselves in policy issues.

Under-Graduate Programme in Economics

During their first year in college, the programme aims to introduce the basic concepts in economics to the students so as to enable them to prepare themselves for further studies in economics. The second and third year courses in economics provide the students with an in-depth understanding of Micro and Macroeconomics, Trade and Public Finance, Indian Economy, Gujarat Economy, Managerial Economics, environmental economics, growth and development, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, etc., By the time they graduate, we are hopeful that our students will get to think critically on government policies, and propose appropriate policy interventions that are required to make the economy more vibrant.

The Career Oriented Programme in Foreign Trade Management offered by the department is one of the most sought after courses in the college. This course helps the students to understand various nuances involved in imports and exports of a country, and offers various techniques in handling export – import business ventures. This is an additional certificate programme offered to students from other discipline, as well.

Some of the key areas of research in the department include, Product Patents – Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, Impact of foreign capital in economic development, Importance of regional groupings to enhance India’s exports, Impact of global Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary (SPS) measures and environmental standards on Indian processed food export sector, Industrialisation in Gujarat, etc., among others.

Dr. Pinky Desai


Associate Professor
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Mr. Vijaysinh Dhandhukiya

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Assistant Professor
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Mr. Atman Shah


Adhyapak Sahayak
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