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The department facilitates and enthuses every student, who is interested in Gujarati / Hindi language, culture and literature. The focus, the efforts, the faculty, the activities and culture of the department are oriented towards their students’ growth and well-being.

Our vision

With the objective of overall growth of our students, our focus will be on creating an interest and passion in our students for the language, literature and culture.


Our Mission

To enthuse the students in Gujarati / Hindi , we will take them through the writings of eminent authors; take them to institutions that preserve and promote Gujarati / Hindi literature, Gujarati / Hindi theatre and culture; encourage them to take part in seminars, workshops, literature fests, research projects, and book readings.

Under-Graduate Programme In Gujarati-Hindi

The programme includes works of eminent writers of different eras, giving a glimpse of the societal conditions, the ethos and culture during medieval times, the practices and policies of earlier times, making a comparative with the current society and understanding the changes that have enabled the cultures and language to evolve. The programme aims at enabling students to be conversant with the subject as they could grow to become content writers, journalists, authors, poets and facilitators.

Key areas of Research

  • Biographies

  • Creative Writing

Mr. Puranbhai Makwana


Associate Professor,HOD
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Dr (Fr.) Vinayak Jadav SJ


Associate Professor
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Mr. Anilkumar Parmar


Associate Professor
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