Psychology being a very popular subject amongst the students has every year a high turn-up of students at the time of admission. Psychology brings in an element of behavioural studies with respect to the self, the surroundings and the spiritual, which in turn encompass variables comprising neural, physiological, cognitive processes and environmental factors. Our programme aims at looking Psychology as a Science to groom students to be mentally healthy, emotionally sound and responsible citizens of the country.

Other than teaching, departmental members are also interested in expansion and development of the subject by engaging in personal research work and writing articles and text book. Every year quite a few students under take research work under the guideship of departmental professors. The departmental members are actively involved in different committees like IQAC, PGOP, COP and CWDC, which becomes a learning experience for our students as they volunteer in organizing various activities related to these programmes. The faculty members have and wish to take the PGOP training programs to other colleges in the city.

Our vision

To see Psychology department as an excellent department with a mission towards over all development of students and staff.

Our Mission

  • Focus on monitoring the academically weak students

  • Help students on a one to one basis where a senior bright students helps the junior weak students so that they become equally accomplished in the subject.

  • A special mentoring by bright students to foreign students who are having a language handicap

  • Planning to celebrate ‘Psych -week’ by organizing talks from well –known/experts in our subject and other activities including Quiz , Field trips/visits

Under-Graduate Programme In Psychology

We are presently running an undergraduate program where Psychology is taught as a core subject, first elective subject and second elective subject in both Gujarati and English medium. All the departmental members engage classes in all six semesters. Every year the students of our department manage to secure a position in the top fifty ranks of the College. The course work is oriented towards empowering our students holistically such that they are able to do well in competitive/ entrance exams like UPSC/GPSC/NET/SLET, pursue higher studies anywhere in the world and are able to apply psychological theories for the betterment of people.

For students interested in learning English Language at a more advanced level, in order to pursue careers in media and mass communication as well as linguistics, the department has been offering a First Elective course in Functional English. This provides closer acquaintance with phonetics, writing skills, as well as Radio and TV studies.

Post-Graduate Programme In Clinical Psychology

Psychology, an integral part of human life, helps us understand the complexity of human behaviour and unravel mental operations as well as human performance. The objective of a Master’s Degree Programme in Clinical Psychology is to help students gain an in-depth understanding of mental health, human behaviour and to prepare students to offer services as a Clinical Psychologist in the professional realm. 

Apart from an up to date coursework, students will also get a chance to carry out internships. This course helps to break the stigma around mental illness and in turn, practice knowledge at a professional level.

Career Oriented Programme

Since 2006, Psychology department conducts a twenty credit UGC recognized COP (Career Oriented Program) course for the students of St. Xavier’s college of both Arts and Science faculty.

This certificate course enables the department to engage in social extension work. COP in Counselling have tied up with ‘Prabhat’ Institute for mentally challenged students (CP. MR, Autistic children) and have been rendering their services for the last three years. These students work with children at school (Xavier’s Research Foundation) as well as conducting home visits, where they also meet parents to work out a plan as to how to deal with these children. The department welcomes students from other faculties in this intervention.

Key areas of Research

  1.  Clinical Psychology (Adolescent Psychology)
  2. Personality development

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