The Sanskrit Department has been preserving its rich heritage at St. Xavier’s College since 1955. As a classical language, it is a unique experience to study this divine language, the mother language of Indian regional languages, and sister language of Greek, Latin and English languages. The reading and understanding of classical scriptures written in Sanskrit gives an insight into the rich heritage of India, learnings and governance policies, knowledge dissemination methods, effective communicative skills.

The early manuscripts like the Vedas give an explicit information of varied subjects that include arts, agriculture, medicine, economics, engineering, performing arts etc. There are many practices that are still based on these age old wisdom and hence, Sanskrit as a subject is valued in several nations other than India, with many international students coming in to study Sanskrit. Ingrained in the course work is research, active participation in elocutions and verse completion competitions at the intercollege level.

Our vision

This department wishes the future generation to acknowledge Sanskrit as a valuable asset enabling one to be globally recognized.

Our Mission

  • As day by day Sanskrit is being less coveted by the students, our mission is concentrated on our goal to have satisfactory numbers of the students opting for this subject by making the lectures more interesting and innovative. For this, we intend to implement Sanskrit in to practice by encouraging students to speak some simple sentences of Sanskrit used in daily routine.
  •  We look forward to have spoken Sanskrit classes and to form Sanskrit  Society in order to inculcate interest of the students for Sanskrit. By this, we wish to open a new vista in the direction of awareness for a unique value of Sanskrit. We wish to make our students ambassadors of our rich cultural heritage.Planning to celebrate ‘Psych -week’ by organizing talks from well –known/experts in our subject and other activities including Quiz , Field trips/visits

Under-Graduate Programme In Sanskrit

Sanskrit Department looks forward to have students valuing Sanskrit as a precious heritage of India. Various topics covered by its syllabus provide a new perspective and teach an Art of Living. The course work comprises a detailed study on Sanskrit Drama, its types, special features of Sanskrit one Act Plays; Text – Reading and Criticism on the episodes of literary works like Bhasa, Bhagvad Gita, Kalidasa’s Raghuvansham and Upanishads; translation of the verses; Understanding the styling of various writers; Psychological aspects of a play in accordance with the Concept of ‘Stress’; and Communicative skills.

Key areas of Research

  1. Indian Philosophy

  2. Indian Poetics

  3. Classical Sanskrit Literature and Music

  4. Dharmashastras

Dr. Shuchita Mehta


Associate Professor,HOD
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Dr. Ishwar Mehra


Associate Professor
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