In its sojourn towards enthusing students’ interest in the subject, the department has focused on three aspects: building a conceptually sound foundation of the subject knowledge; the importance of basic and applied research; and the benefits of the subject in development of the society. The department has adopted traditional as well as modern methods of teaching and has put a lot of emphasis on learning by doing. The seeds of research, entrepreneurship, innovations, team work and efficient working are sown by the qualified staff members by establishing a one to one interaction with students through mentoring sessions.

We believe in learning and growing together and this belief has seen the department grow from a single room to multiple labs with state of the art infrastructure. We envisage that we will be a place worth a mention by taking small but definite strides. Our students are pursuing research in premier institutions in India, USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Germany and France. They have also been successful in industries and many of them today are Project Heads.

Our Vision

Growing into a globally recognized teaching and research facility.

Our Mission

Excel in Biochemistry and Biotechnology teaching, create excellent students with a skill set benefitting the society.

Undergraduate Programme in Biochemistry

Biochemistry involves the chemistry of life and it touches the various aspects surrounding life as we know it today. Being a relevant field in pure sciences, our department offers a course that is not only interesting but covers a wide range of topics. Basics of cell and molecular biology, microbiology, bio-physics, cell culture techniques etc. are illustrated over the course of three years by the dignified faculties. A relevance of the theoretical basics to practical work is what makes the course/department unique.

Undergraduate Programme in Biochemistry with Vocational Biotechnology

This program was conceptualized with the thought that the amalgamation of a strong foundation in the subject and an enhanced skill set will be a perfect blend for orienting students towards entrepreneurship. The course work includes a component on entrepreneurship that gives an insight into essentials of beginning a small scale industry. The students opting for this programme will have Biochemistry as the core subject supplemented with additional papers of Vocational Biotechnology each semester. A summer internship is an important feature of this programme.

Undergraduate Programme in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is emerging as a revolutionary field of research and development in the 21st century. With that very concept in mind, here at St. Xavier’s College we aim to introduce students to the broad horizons of the science of biotechnology. Being a more practical and analytical approach to the basic principles of subjects like biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, students are given conversance of the fundamentals as well as the practical applications. The course work includes a minor research project in the last semester with the objective of enhancing the ability of students to design experiments, analyse data and understand the relevance of research for development.

Post-Graduate Programme In Biochemistry

The Graduate Program in Biochemistry goes into depths of working of the multifaceted proteins, DNA and RNA with the objective of highlighting why understanding basic mechanisms and techniques together ensure significant basic research. The programme is formulated for developing competent Biochemists leading towards a PhD programme. The programme obliges students to read original publications and envisages significant inputs in laboratory work, communication skill, creativity, planning, execution and critical evaluation of the studies undertaken. The students can opt for in house projects or choose to apply to research institutions and industries for the dissertation projects.

Post-Graduate Programme In Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a product oriented science that has its applicability in sectors as varied as Agriculture, Food and nutrition, Public health, Therapy and diagnostics, Environment, Textile industry and thus it entails the need to have a strong knowledge base of Metabolism, Molecular biology, Microbiology, Genetic engineering, Bioinformatics, immunology, analytical and technical skills. The curriculum of this MSc. programme has been designed to ensure that the student strengthen their knowledge base and go through experiential learning modules to hone their technical skills. The curriculum has got acquiescence from professionals in academics and industry.

Career Oriented Programme

The department offers three certificate courses. These courses are offered to students of B Group, i.e. those students having Physics, Chemistry and Biology in their 12th grade)


  1. Bioinformatics
  2. Nutrition and Dietetics
  3. Microbial Biotechnology

Key Areas Of Research In The Department


  • Applied Microbial Biotechnology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Plant – microbe interactions
  • Protein purification
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Cell and molecular biology



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