Statistics is the science of collecting, analysing, presenting and interpreting data. The statistician today is a partner in most scientific and technologic endeavours. The Bachelor of Science programme in Statistics offered by the department concentrates on broad based, flexible educational pathways, emphasizing the theoretical, practical, or computational aspects of probability and statistics. The programme serves the needs of future statisticians in science, industry, business, and government, at the same time as providing the necessary background and stimulation for graduate study; it also offers excellent opportunities for double-majoring in Statistics and Mathematics or Computer Science. With the recent rise of Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics, the demand for this set of skills has increased substantially. 


The Statistics Department aims to be globally accredited and highly
respected center for data science to nurture budding statisticians, who are
ethically and socially conscientious and committed to excellence.


•Help students to develop their intellect as well as conscientiousness, by
enabling them to understand the role of science in the systematic pursuit
of truth and ethical representation of results of empirical research.
• To attain academic excellence by updating the skill and expanding the
horizons of knowledge of students through innovative teaching, learning
and extension activities.
• To enable students correlate the theory of the subject to real life
applications through corporate linkage for consultancy.
• To hone students’ skills enabling their progression to post graduate
education, doctoral studies and research, and establishing a strong
foundation in theoretical principles in order to build a successful nation.
• To help students’ placements in careers related to data collection,
management and analysis in the public or private sector.

Undergraduate Programme in Statistics

The department offers courses in Statistics at the undergraduate level to both Arts and Science students. It also offers an elective paper to third year students.

This degree will give you knowledge of Statistics along with a broad grounding in other allied subjects. We offer a three year programme (six semesters). The main objective of this course is to introduce to the students the basic concepts of probability, random variable, expectation, raw and central moments and least square method. The course will enable distinguishing between random and non-random experiments, to find the probabilities of events, to fit various mathematical curves (linear and non- linear) to observed data, to discuss idea of statistical quality control, and to discuss hypothesis testing.

Career Oriented Programme

We also offer SPSS and applied Statistics course for all the students under Carrier Oriented Programme (COP). SPSS is a widely used computer software for statistical analysis in social science, market researchers, health researchers, data miners, survey companies, education researchers, marketing organizations and the government. Thus, a student thorough in this application has tremendous scope in the job sector.

Key areas of Research

  • Statistical Inference

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