Zoology was one of the first departments to be established when the college itself was instituted in 1956. Zoology focuses on the structure, behaviour and evolution of animals. Classroom and theoretical professing is not sufficient for understanding the subject and therefore, study tours and visits to Zoological Parks are integrated in the course structure. Our students have visited National Parks like Gir & Kanha and sea coasts of Tamil Nadu, Goa, Ratnagiri, Okha, Dwarka and Diu. The students have also visited inland fisheries centres at Linghda and the Ukai Dam. Visits to the Indroda Park, to public gardens and scientific institutes like the Community Oncology Centre (Cancer Inst.) and the renowned Gandhinagar FSL are a regular part of the yearly program. The department also treasures a priceless collection of butterflies, moths, and preserved animals.


To secure a place amongst the best institutes of Zoology, not only at the
national level, but even worldwide.


To generate versatile Zoology students that would benet the animal kingdom as-well-as all other allied subjects.

Undergraduate Programme in Zoology

In the course spanning six semesters, the syllabus of each successive semester is designed in such a way that as a student progresses forward, he/she studies the chosen subject more-and-more in details and develops the practical skills too. The syllabus comprises human physiology, Biochemistry, animal diversity (nonchordates and  chordates), ecology, cancer biology, cytology, genetics, animal biotechnology, organic evolution, biophysics, some physico-chemical laws applied to physiology, applied entomology, fishery, poultry science, wildlife of India, human parasitology and more.

Key areas of Research

  • Toxicology
  • Animal behaviour
  • Genotoxicity

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