Merit Based Progression (MBP)


Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Merit Based Progression (MBP) was enforced for semester II and IV (UG) as well as for Semester II (PG). MBP was also given to students having ATKT / Backlog for the above mentioned even semesters. Following formula was used for each paper for the Students of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Ahmedabad.

Calculation of 50% marks of internal evaluation Total marks: 50 Marks obtained from internal assessment

(Out of 30)

Ex: 20 marks

Internal evaluation total marks that is  20/30 convert to 50
50*2030=33.33 marks

Previous semesters 50% marks Calculation


Total marks: 50 Total marks (out of 100) immediate previous semester

Ex: 70 marks

Previous semester total marks convert to 50

70/2 = 35 marks

Eligible marks for the student


Total marks: 100 33.33+35=68.33 marks

=68 marks (Counted in integers out of 100); convert this in to external 70 marks

Final= 68.33*70/100= 47.83=48/70 Marks