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• A library and a reading room are at the disposal of the students which are filled with a wide range of periodicals and magazines of Indian and foreign publication to provide them with up-to-date knowledge.
• The library will be open to students daily from 9:30 am to 5.30 pm. Books can be borrowed/returned during the time displayed on the library notice board. Silence shall be strictly enforced at all times and mobile phones must be in switch off mode or else they would be confiscated.
• Students are not allowed to go in the stack room of the library.
• Each student is provided with two non-transferable library tickets.
• Books are to be returned within a fortnight of the date of issue or else a late fee of Rs. 2 shall be charged per day for each book retained beyond the prescribed date of return.
• All books should be returned to the library two weeks before the terminal and annual examinations. Under no circumstance will books be issued during this period unless a deposit (amount will be determined by the Principal) is kept with the librarian.
• At the beginning of each semester students are required to file the applications to avail themselves of books from the St. Xavier’s Students Aid Library which loans text books to deserving students

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