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Consent Letter for St. Xavier’s College Men’s Hostel, Ahemdabad.Click here

St. Xavier’s Men’s Hostel (SXMH) is located on the campus of St. Xavier’s college, Ahmedabad.  The hostel is entirely under the college management, which runs it on the basis of minority rights. SXMH offers good facilities and a conducive academic ambience to a limited number of students. There are 168 total seats available, distributed among UG and PG students studying in various programmes at St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. The total number of new admissions available in the hostel each year is 40. This hostel is primarily meant for students from the rural areas and those who belong to economically backward classes. The management entirely reserves the right to grant admission to the hostel. The Principal is the sole in-charge of the hostel but he delegates his power to the Hostel Rector for administration and overseeing. The hostel contains limited accommodations; therefore, securing admission in the college does not guarantee a place in the hostel.

Please note also that hostelites who fail to secure 85% of attendance in a semester at the college, and those who accumulate more than three arrears (ATKT) in an academic year will be liable for termination of the stay.

The number of applications received for new admissions in the hostel is always far greater than the number of seats available. Keeping it in mind, the following selection process is followed by the management.

Admission Procedure

  1. After obtaining the admission in the college, the students are requested to download the preliminary form for admission to the hostel from the college website and submit it before the deadline.

Please note that the preliminary form is invited only for the management’s information. It does not guarantee automatic admission in the hostel.

  1. Along with the preliminary form, the following documents must be attached:
  • Fee receipt of the college for the payment.
  • Mark sheet of the 12thstd (for UG) or mark sheet of the recent bachelor degree completed (for PG).
  • Please send the scanned copies of your preliminary form and the required documents to at the earliest.

Please note that the preliminary forms sent without the other required documents will not be considered for admission.

  1. The management will shortlist the selected students and inform them about the confirmation of admission to the hostel via email.
  2. All further information for the completion of admission will also be communicated via email.

Click here to download the preliminary admission form.

Hostel Rooms and Facilities

  • Each room can accommodate at least 3 students. No individual rooms are available for anyone. Room allotment is decided by the Hostel Rector.
  • Each student is given a cot, a table, a chair, a cupboard and an electrical charging point.
  • A single lock with three keys system is in place for every room. Each student will be provided a key of the room which needs to be returned at the end of every semester.

Students must bring the following items at the time of joining the Hostel:

  1. A mattress (size 6’x3′ approximately)
  2. A pillow.
  3. Two bed-sheets and two pillow-covers
  4. Blanket
  5. A mosquito net (if required)
  6. A plastic bucket and a mug
  7. A drinking water bottle
  8. A suitcase/trunk with a good lock to keep
    valuables safe
  9. A reasonably secure lock and key for the individual cupboard in the room

Hostel mess is purely a vegetarian mess. No non-veg food is served at the mess under any circumstances. No breakfast is served as well. Students will be served two meals per day, lunch and supper, every day except on feast days. On Sundays, the mess follows a system of feast in which special food is served with traditional sweets. On the feast day, only lunch is served. Supper is not served on feast days.

Hostel fee structure for one semester.

No Particular Amount  
1 Hostel fees as boarding and lodging Rs. 5000/- Per semester
2 Deposit Rs. 3000/- Per semester
3. Admission form Rs.  100/- Per semester
  Total amount to be paid for a semester Rs. 8100/-  
  For the use of electrical gadget – laptop Rs. 1000/- Per semester
Amount is subjected to revision according to the discretion of the management

Mess Fees Rs. 1800 per month is to be paid directly to the mess in-charge every month. Hostel mess fee is subject to change as required.

  1. Freshers’ Day

Hostel rector organizes the freshers’ day to welcome the newcomers to the hostel through a small orientation programme.

  1. Literary and Cultural Competitions

A select group of students organize literary and cultural events and competitions for all the hostelites to develop their skills and talents as college students.

  1. Sports Competitions

A select group of students from the hostel organize sports event competitions for all the hostel students to develop and nurture the skills in the area of sports.

  1. Garba Day

Xavier’s men’s Hostel and Xavier’s Women’s hostel come together to organize a one-day garba event to promote the traditional dance of Gujarat – “Garba-Raas”.

  1. Hostel Fest

Xavier’s men’s hostel and Xavier’s women’s hostel jointly organize the most eagerly anticipated event of the hostelites: the “Hostel fest”. It provides an exciting platform to exhibit artistic talents in the form of dances, dramas, singing, mimicry, mime, street plays, etc. The fest concludes with a mega dinner for all hostelites from both hostels.

  1. Spiritual Activities for Catholic Students

Catholic hostel students are encouraged to participate in the holy Eucharist at Xavier’s Parish Church on campus, both on a daily basis and on Sundays. Catholic hostel students are expected to participate in the holy Eucharist and retreat organized by the college on various occasions. Catholic students at the hostel are also expected to participate in holy Eucharist, novenas, spiritual talks and other activities organized by hostel rector during various occasions.

Principal: Dr. (Fr). Lancelot D’Cruz, S.J.

Hostel Rector: Dr. (Fr). Sunil Macwan, S.J.

Hostel Wardens: Mr. Emmanuel M. Gamit

Hostel Co-workers: 1. Ishwarbhai, 2. Babubhai Parmar, 3. Narendrabha Parmar 

Mess In-charge: Mr. Kailash Maharaj

For any information about St. Xavier’s Men’s Hostel, write to