Research has always been a top priority at Xavier’s. It has been one of the means of making the faculty and students to think out of the box. In order to enhance the social and economic relevance of education, all courses have included research as an important component. Five students from every department are annually selected to take up research projects. This gives them a competitive edge and an understanding of how an experimental design, its analysis and interpretation is important for growth. The year long research project is acknowledged at the Annual Research Medal Ceremony. Many of their work have been accepted and thereafter published in peer reviewed journals. Due to this training and exposure, a number of students go on to pursue research as a career.

Another initiative taken by the college to build research capacities among the faculty and students and to encourage research culture, is to organize an annual Staff Research Seminar, where faculty present papers. On that day, The Research Annals of Xavier’s, Ahmedabad is released.

Role of a member of the research committee

  1. Stimulate and promote the research atmosphere of the departments/ college by engaging in the following activities:
  • Motivating the faculty members to apply for major and minor projects with the objective of getting a few grants coming in every year.
  • Motivating at least three students from each department every year to carry out projects and monitor their progress.
  • Promoting inter-departmental and inter-institutional research collaboration and projects, at least one in two years.

2.  Formulate criteria for selecting the best candidates for the award and suggest  external qualified persons to evaluate the projects.

3. Coordinate and be in the editorial board of Xavier Research Annals and attend the corresponding meetings, at least once a year.

4. Take responsibility for the decisions taken by the Research Committee and communicate the same to the students.