Research Facilities


Currently the college has the following facilities for students :

Theoretical Physics Laboratory (TPL)

The theoretical Physics Laboratory was set up in 2013 to cater to the need of theoretical Physicists in the College. Though housed in a single room facility, the lab has undertaken some impressive research and has produced many publications since its inception.

Plant Tissue Culture Lab (PTCL)

The PTCL was set up in 2013 in order to train Bioscience students in the nuances of Plant Tissue Culture with an extension of developing entrepreneurial skills. Students of Vocational Biotechnology carry out plant tissue culture not only as part of the curriculum but also to market their products. The lab also organizes workshops and trainings for for neighboring college and school students

Xavier Laboratory for Research and Development (XLRD)

The facility was set up in 2014. This is a centralized laboratory facility to cater to the needs of all Bioscience departments. The laboratory has the following equipment available for research: Gradient Thermocycler, Electrophoretic system, PAGE, Blotting systems, Refrigerated centrifuges, High volume Centrifuges, High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography, Gel Documenting system, Precision Water bath, Laminar Air FlowConductometer, Spectrophotometer, UV Trans-illuminator, Precision Balance, Cryocans, Sonicator, Fluorescent Microscope, Infra-Red Spectroscopy.

Super Computer Lab

This laboratory was set up to house a computer with high computing facility which was procured with DST funding. Several publications and international collaboration have been established based on this new laboratory

Xavier Industrial Chemistry Unit

This is a unit set up to give experiential learning to students of Industrial Chemistry. The unit is engaged in producing colourful candles, detergents and other cleaning agents as an outcome of their classroom learning. The unit also conducts training programmes for students of other colleges. As an outcome of this experiential learning, there are several students who have already begun their own startups and this has been encouraging.


Over the years, the College has established collaborations with different institutes at various levels. Students go to some of the institutes for internship and to others for research.