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Jagrat is our way of bringing about equal opportunity for all. Jagrat means – “SELF-RESPECT”, “EXPRESSION”, “SELF-CONFIDENCE”. It was started by Fr. Vincent Saldanha in 1986-87.

AIM OF JAGRAT: To help Dalit and Adivasi students
  • To grow in self-confidence.
  • To develop leadership qualities.
  • To progress in academic and extra- curricular activities.
  • To become leaders of their communities.

JAGRAT activities include:

  • Awareness camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Motivation workshops
  • English courses
  • Computer classes
  • Cultural events
  • Exposure programmes

Coordinators & Staff Members:

  • Fr. Lancelot D,Cruz SJ
  • Fr.Vincent Saldanha SJ
  • Fr.Roland D’Souza SJ
  • Sr. Mary James
  • Dr.Ishwar Mehra

A glimpse of these activities follows:

  • Enhancing Academic Performance
  • Time-management programmes for the 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Remedial classes of English for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Computer training classes for the MA Jagrat students.
  • Career Guidance & Personality Development
  • Career Guidance and orientation workshops for Jagrat students have been held with the focus being the GPSC / UPSC examinations, M.S.W and M.L.W.
  • Jagrat students participated in 15-day summer training for GPSC/UPSC.
  • An elocution competition held for the Students of Jagrat in 2006
  • Financial Assistance
  • Educational subsidies have been provided to needy students of Jagrat from FAEA.
  • The Poor Students Fund and the Special Fund of the College Society.
  • Nine Jagrat students are currently the recipients of FAEA scholarships.
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Computer Hardware maintenance training was held in summer vacation for 4 students.
  • 4 ST students were also trained in Plant Tissue Culture at the Xavier Research Foundation.


  • Students of Jagrat have excelled in athletics, volleyball, basketball and hockey.
  • They represent the College, University and even Gujarat State and have been helped with sports gear and nutritional supplements.
  • Gamit Prinkal, Vasava Gulab, Gamit Yogesh, Vasava Sandip reached the Nationals

The Collegiate Women’s Development Cell – “URJA”

  • A Historical Perspective:

From the very inception of the college, the management and the staff have been taking care of women staff and students in various ways. But it was in the 1990s that a special cell was set up under the guidance of Dr. (Fr.) Vincent Braganza, Dr. Suguna Ramanatha and Dr. Kashmira Pagdiwalla.

Over the years, the women’s cell came to be named ‘URJA’- Energy. Sr. Mary James and Prof. Mehra guided various activities for the students. In fact, St. Xavier’s college hosted the First National Women’s Conference initiated by the All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) in the year 2005.

In October 2005, the then Vice chancellor of the Gujarat University, Prof. A.U.Patel, made it compulsory for every college affiliated with Gujarat University to have this cell in the college.

Present Committee Members:

Mr. Dhwanir Shah
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S.No.Date Of EventTopic/TitleResource Person
1. 7th July 2007Women’s HealthDr. Gitanjli Mittra
2.21st July 2007Good Communication SkillsFr. Dinesh Breganza
3.11th Aug 2007Staff Enrichment ProgramSr. Mary James

Fr. Roland
4.8th Sept 2007Girl Child Day Celebration by Inauguration of Extension Program with the slum girls
5.30th Sept 2007Sadhana ShibirSr. Mary James

Fr. Roland

Dr. Clement

Dr. Kinnari Dubbal

Dr. Khushnuma Banaji
6.8th Dec 2007 Prevention of Pre Birth sex selection and Elimination of Female Child Panel Discussion
7.6th Sept 2008Educational Program to impart sex education amongst girls Dr.Archna Shah
8.13th Sept 2008Women in Science – Career in SciencePanel Discussion
9.20th Sept. 2008Workshop on Gender SensitivityMs. Persis Ginwala
10.6th Sept 2013Save Girl Child – Poster making competition
11.7th Sept. 2013Street Play – “Beti Bachavo”


Exhibition of Save Girl Child posters