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About Department

Economics department from its inception has believed in excellence. Besides providing theoretical insights, discussions on applied economics and giving practical knowledge ensures a thorough understanding of the subject. The department has a well-qualified team training students to progress and excel in areas like masters in economics, management, social sector, civil services and administration, banking, trade and commerce, business and more.

The department conducts seminars, encourages discussions on current topics, teaches and learns through innovative ways, facilitates research, and organizes study trips and educational excursions. With expertise in all theoretical areas, such as Micro and Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Trade and commerce, Agricultural economics, IPR, Managerial Economics and Environmental Economics, the faculty has been mentoring students to attain holistic growth and leadership.


To attain excellence in theoretical knowledge of the subject, research, outreach, extension, administration and management as well as in civic awareness.


To attain academic excellence using the tool of enquiry and critical thinking on economic issues confronting daily lives, so as to actively engage themselves in policy issues.


To attain excellence in theoretical knowledge of the subject, research, outreach, extension, administration and management as well as in civic awareness.


Short term goal of the department is to attain academic excellence. However, long term goal is to make the students think critically on economic issues confronting them in their daily lives, so that they can actively engage themselves in policy issues.


During their first year in college, the programme aims to introduce the basic concepts in economics to the students so as to enable them to prepare themselves for further studies in economics. The second and third year courses in economics provide the students with an in-depth understanding of Micro and Macroeconomics, Trade and Public Finance, Indian Economy, Gujarat Economy, Managerial Economics, environmental economics, growth and development, Mathematical Economics, Econometrics, etc., By the time they graduate, the curriculum will have enabled students to think critically on government policies, and propose appropriate policy interventions that are required to make the economy more vibrant.

With the vision of introducing the required changes in a traditional economics programme at the UG level and with the objective of introducing papers which have greater applicability, the department proposed a self-finance Honours Programme in 2020. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the course started from the academic year 2022. This is the first of its kind under Gujarat University affiliation.

The course integrates the subject of economics with subjects in history, cultural studies, understanding society, human rights entrepreneurship and e-marketing and also with mathematics, statistics and data analysis and research skills.These papers are taught by experts in the respective fields.

Programme Outcomes:

1) Develop a competitive edge at a national level

2) Develop stronger analytical and research skills

3) Enhance employability prospects


Proposed Intake: 30

Total students admitted in the first year: 44


Cognizance, the economics festival which is popularly known as the Xavier’s Ecofest is a flagship event which started in the year 2013. …

Faculty Members

Dr. Pinky Desai

Head, Associate Professor

Mr. Vijaysinh Dhandhukiya

Assistant Professor

Dr. Atman Shah

Assistant Professor

Mr. Eshan Shenolikar

Assistant Professor

Mr. Imanual M. Gamit

Assistant Professor