About Department

Botany as a basic subject has enabled budding of a lot of applied biological sciences. It’s the world of plants; its growth, structure, reproduction, metabolism, diseases, yield etc. This subject cannot be learnt only within the confines of the classroom or laboratory and hence regular field trips, institutional visits and study tours are an integral part of the methodology adopted by the department to give a complete understanding of the subject.


To develop a strong knowledge base, enabling students to think critically and coherently on scientific concepts pertaining to Botany


To develop among students an appreciation for life in all forms that leads to creation of a sustainable environment.


The undergraduate programme in Botany investigates the science of life at all levels, from microorganisms to population ecology. The course work enthuses about studying the diversity of life in a liberal arts environment and value the breadth of our discipline. The curriculum engages students in the creative and investigative process of science as they develop critical and analytical skills and an understanding of the methods by which biologists study nature. The curriculum travels through taxonomy, plant diversity, plant anatomy, plant physiology, plant genetics, plant biochemistry, ecosystems, environment, bioinformatics, ecology, cytology and through economic botany, ethnobotany, gardening and landscaping among the applied sectors.

With expertise in the fields of  Taxonomy, Ethnobotany, Gardening, Medicinal Botany, Remote Sensing and Mycology,  the Department seeks to offer an MSc program which equips students with skills in each of these areas. Students will benefit from the extension   linkages that Faculty have with tribal and other communities  related to ethnobotanical, agricultural, landscaping   and taxonomic projects.  The department has over 3000 books  and  journals along with a Herbarium and a collection of seeds and wood samples.  Students of the Department have excelled in art, sports as well as in  co-curricular  and extension activities. 


Botany is an observational science. Filed trips give an experience and complete understanding of the subject. It enables students in learning fine details of taxonomy, and interactions with local community helps students to appreciate ethnobotany and ecology.

Faculty Members

Dr. Fr. Lancelot D’Cruz SJ

Principal (I/C), Associate Professor

Dr. Kinnari J. Dubal

Associate Professor

Dr. Maulik H Gadani

Associate Professor

Dr. Rashmi S. Yadav

Assistant Professor

Staff Members

Mr Satish Parmar

Plant Collector

Mr Piyush Pateliya

Lab Assistant