InXitu – A simulated Entrepreneurship Internship

The Vocational Biotechnology course gives its students an insight into entrepreneurship through experiential learning. InXitu, as value addition, is an initiative that allows the students of the final year to own this simulated company. The internship is for 25 weeks with each student engaging themselves and taking up responsibility of chosen tasks for at least three hours in a week. There is a mid-review, a final review and assessment of the report by consulting faculty of the department. The continuous evaluation by system analysts (select members of the team of students), and attendance is also included in the final grade. The students get experienced in technical skills as well as soft skills enhancing their employability.

DEXIC (Developing Entrepreneurs of Xavier's Industrial Chemistry)

is a unit set up to give experienal learning to students of Industrial Chemistry. The unit is engaged in producing colourful candles, detergents and other cleaning agents as an outcome of their classroom learning. The unit also conducts training programmes for students of other colleges. The success of this programme is in the fact that several interns are today entrepreneurs, with their startups doing very well.