Fee structure For Academic Year 2020-21

Rules For Refund of Fees

(In accordance with Gujarat University Ord. 159(5)) On leaving a college a student claims refund of his/her tuition fees from the College he/she shall apply for the cancellation of admission, in the prescribed form duly signed by him/her and countersigned by his/her parent/guardian at the college. On receipt of such an application, a refund may be given in the following circumstances. The candidate has to enclose the original fee receipt & photocopy of Admission/call letter along with the form.
  1. Full fees for the term concerned shall be refunded in the case of the death of the student concerned.
  2. Tuition fee (including Laboratory fee if any) for the term concerned shall be refunded, after deducting (As shown in fees & Deposit file) if a student applies within 15 days from the date of his/her admission to any professional courses of studies.* (Medical, Engineering, Travel & Tourism Courses, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management, Designing Courses, Media/ Journalism Courses, Film/ Television Courses, CA Programme, ICWA Program, CS Program or any other professional programme) Transfer from BSC to BSC, BA to BA, BCA to BCA and BCOM to BCOM strictly not eligible for the refund of fees.
  3. Transfer of a parent of the student concerned to another city. * A Professional Courses of studies in a statutory university or a course of studies determined by the Vice-Chancellor as a professional course of studies for the purpose of such refund (Ord.159(5)). The candidate may collect the cheque of refund from College Office or it can be electronically transferred to his/her account on request.
NB: Student admitted shall not be eligible to get refund of fees in any circumstances if he/she cancels his/her admission after the date announced by Gujarat University.