Education Qualification

M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry), Ph.D.

Diploma in PC Hardware and Networking, Awarded UGC-BSR Fellowship

Research Interests

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bioremediation

Research papers:

  1. Divya M. Buha, Krishna R. Atalia, Nisha K. Shah, “Continuous process study on simultaneous nitrification-denitrification of high ammoniacal nitrogen load wastewater in aerobic-anoxic sequencing bioreactors”, International journal of environmental science and technology, 14 (2017) 2451-2458.
  2. Divya M. Buha, Krishna R. Atalia, Nisha K. Shah, “Removal of ammonium by simultaneous nitrification and denitrification in a single aerobic-anoxic sequencing batch reactor”, Pollution research, 37 (2) (2018) 528-536.
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  5. Khushboo Bhavsar, Nisha K. Shah, Divya Buha, Krishna Atalia, “Kinetic and equilibrium isotherm studies of ammoniacal nitrogen sugarcane bagasse from waste adsorption onto water”, Desalination and Water treatment, 60 (2017) 180-187.


Book: Divya Buha and Nisha Shah, “Ammonia-A major Industrial pollutant”, Lambert Academic Publishing, 2020.