With its inclusive education policy, a special cell named Utcarsh is established on St. Xavier’s campus in order to give opportunities for the differently able students. This additional care help them to perform well in studies. Besides offering various programmes for their personal growth and integration, the presence of these special students enhances the other students and staff in a unique way.


Utcarsh reaches out to others by involving themselves in the activities of the college like Culfest and PGOP programmes. Utcarsh also organizes seminars for member students on study techniques, reading habits, stress management, time management, growing together, celebrate all Ahmadabad Utcarsh day every year etc We believe that admitting them in the college is just a first step, sitting in the lecture room, a second step, helping them to perform well in their studies, a third step towards inclusive education. The real inclusive education takes place when they mingle with each other and the others freely mingle with them. It is a process that we all need to be part of.

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