Jagrat is our way of bringing about equal opportunity for all. Jagrat means – “SELF-RESPECT”, “EXPRESSION”, “SELF-CONFIDENCE”. It was started by Fr. Vincent Saldanha in 1986-87.

AIM OF JAGRAT: To help Dalit and Adivasi students
  • To grow in self-confidence.
  • To develop leadership qualities.
  • To progress in academic and extra- curricular activities.
  • To become leaders of their communities.

JAGRAT activities include:

  • Awareness camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Motivation workshops
  • English courses
  • Computer classes
  • Cultural events
  • Exposure programmes

A glimpse of these activities follows:

  • Enhancing Academic Performance
  • Time-management programmes for the 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Remedial classes of English for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students.
  • Computer training classes for the MA Jagrat students.
  • Career Guidance & Personality Development
  • Career Guidance and orientation workshops for Jagrat students have been held with the focus being the GPSC / UPSC examinations, M.S.W and M.L.W.
  • Jagrat students participated in 15-day summer training for GPSC/UPSC.
  • An elocution competition held for the Students of Jagrat in 2006
  • Financial Assistance
  • Educational subsidies have been provided to needy students of Jagrat from FAEA.
  • The Poor Students Fund and the Special Fund of the College Society.
  • Nine Jagrat students are currently the recipients of FAEA scholarships.
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Computer Hardware maintenance training was held in summer vacation for 4 students.
  • 4 ST students were also trained in Plant Tissue Culture at the Xavier Research Foundation.


  • Students of Jagrat have excelled in athletics, volleyball, basketball and hockey.
  • They represent the College, University and even Gujarat State and have been helped with sports gear and nutritional supplements.
  • Gamit Prinkal, Vasava Gulab, Gamit Yogesh, Vasava Sandip reached the Nationals

Coordinators & Staff Members:

  • Fr. Lancelot D,Cruz SJ
  • Fr.Vincent Saldanha SJ
  • Fr.Roland D’Souza SJ
  • Sr. Mary James
  • Dr.Ishwar Mehra