Equity Cell


Jagrat is our way of bringing about equal opportunity for all. Jagrat means – “SELF-RESPECT”, “EXPRESSION”, “SELF-CONFIDENCE”. It was started by Fr. Vincent Saldanha in 1986-87.

AIM OF JAGRAT: To help Dalit and Adivasi students to grow in self-confidence, to develop leadership qualities, to progress  in academic and extra- curricular activities and to become leaders of their communities.

JAGRAT activities include Awareness camps, Leadership camps, Motivation workshops, English courses, Computer classes, Cultural events, Exposure programmes, Career Guidance and Personality Development, Training for GPSC/UPSC.

There have been several ways by which the college is able to provide Financial Assistance. Educational subsidies have been provided to needy students of Jagrat from FAEA, The Poor Students Fund and the Special Fund of the College Society.