The theoretical Physics Laboratory was set up in 2013 to cater to the need of theoretical Physicists in the College. Though housed in a single room facility, the lab has undertaken some impressive research and has produced many publications since its inception.

The Xavier Laboratory for Research and Development (XLRD) was set up in 2014. This is a centralized laboratory facility to cater to the needs of all Bioscience departments.

This laboratory was set up to house computer with high computing facility. Several publications and international collaboration have been established based on this new laboratory.

This laboratory houses several analytical instruments, which has augmented work in areas such as medicinal chemistry, photochemistry, nanoparticles etc. The FIST grant has been an aid towards establishing this facility.

A cell culture lab has been set up with the assistance of CPE grant. This has enabled faculty and students to design experiments using animal cell lines and C. elegans. The laboratory is equipped with inverted microscope, CO2 incubator and biosafety cabinet (level II).