St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Ahmedabad

  • The Code of Ethics for Research is a response to the changing environment of research. It aims at ensuring
  • Acknowledgment of all participating agencies
  • Respect for the values of truth, honesty, integrity and fairness
  • Research stimulated by a spirit of enquiry
  • Freedom to publish and disseminate the results of research for public benefit
Researcher’s Responsibilities
  • Towards Colleagues:
    • When you use other researchers’ work, do not intentionally misrepresent them.
    • Always acknowledge other’s contribution through formal acknowledgement and appropriate citation.
    • In a team research situation, clearly outline roles and responsibilities and acknowledge them clearly. For eg. co- authorship in publication, etc.
  • Towards Research subjects:
    • Maintain confidentiality, autonomy, and privacy of subjects.
    • Relationships with subjects should be founded on trust and openness. Therefore, it is essential to gain informed consent from them. Maintain detailed records.
    • Respect any person’s decision not to participate in research.
  • Towards Public:
    • Where public money is used in research, there is a duty to provide an account of how and why funds have been spent and what has been achieved.
  • Towards Sponsors:
    • Carefully select sponsoring agencies without any ethical compromise, and acknowledge them appropriately.


Using any idea/work in one’s published research without appropriately citing it is plagiarism.

  • Carefully study the citation style prescribed in your discipline.
  • Never present other researcher’s work as your own.
  • Clearly acknowledge anything taken from other sources using the appropriate style of citation.
  • Clearly identify whether ideas are taken from other author’s publication or from personal experience.