My Journey from XICA to Global Business

“St. Xavier’s College, especially the Department of Computer Applications, provided me with transformative education and a strong academic foundation. I am grateful for the guidance of Fr. David Roy, whose dedication to excellence and practical teaching equipped me for success. The values instilled during my time at St. Xavier’s continue to guide me in my role as a Senior Business Analyst at a global leading company. XICA not only prepared me academically but also fostered an environment that encouraged critical thinking and innovation.”


“My journey from St. Xavier’s College to a Senior Business Analyst at a global leading company is marked by gratitude for the invaluable experiences at XICA. The program not only offered a robust curriculum but also nurtured personal and professional growth. Special thanks to Fr. David Roy and all the faculty members for their mentorship, instilling in me a strong work ethic and critical thinking skills crucial for navigating the business world. St. Xavier’s provided the knowledge and skills foundational to my success, and I’m proud to be an alumnus contributing to the global professional landscape.”


“As an alumna of St. Xaviers, I have always reflected back on my undergraduate days with a lot of pride. The institute, and specifically the Biochemistry faculty, instilled a deep sense of academic wonderment in me that I carry till date. I owe a great deal of my current professional self to the faculty members as well as students of Xaviers, who helped nurture my scientific curiosity. It makes me extremely proud and happy to see this institute to grow leaps and bounds over the past several years. I am sure that with this pace of progress, Xaviers will soon
become one of the leaders of education in Science and the Arts. I wish all the faculty members, researchers, administrators and students all the very best!”