Journey Towards Healing: A Lecture Series

The Psychology Department (AY: 2020-23) of St. Xavier’s College Autonomous, organized a four-day online lecture series titled “Journey Towards Healing”, which serves as a forerunner to the Poster Exhibition on the 7th of April, planned on the account of the World Health Day. The lecture series was organized from the 29th of March to the 1st of April, 2022.

The first speaker of the series was Ms. Chhavi Damani, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, who also practices regression, art, and crystal therapy, along with being a Reikimaster.  Ms.Chhavi Damani spoke about “Working with the Sub-Conscious Mind”. 

The second speaker of the series was Mrs. Ami Mehra Braganza, a certified freelance counsellor, also undertaking sessions in basics of counselling skills for “career-oriented programmes”, organized by the St.Xavier’s College since 2011.  Mrs. Ami Braganza spoke about how “Mental Health Begins with Me”.

The third speaker of the series was Dr. Mauli Mahajan, the founder of 3E Worldwide (Empower, Enhance, Educate).  Dr. Mauli Mahajan shed light upon the “Future of Psychology”. She kickstarted the meeting with a Kahoot quiz activity wherein the participants were to enter the virtual platform with a unique nickname, related to Psychology and play a 16-question quiz based on the same. 

The fourth speaker of the series was Dr. Griva Shah, the managing trustee of Pearl Special Needs Foundation (PSNF). Dr.Griva Shah shared her knowledge on “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy”. She started the meeting with an introduction on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT), and how it was found by Aaron Beck in the 1960s.