Campus Life_Culfest 1

Extracurricular Activities

In our effort to nurture and develop aesthetic skills, St. Xavier’s College offers ample opportunity to showcase students’ talents at the University Youth Festival and during the annual College Culfest. Some of the activities that are offered:
For those interested in developing STAGE skills: Public speaking, drama, dance, mono-acting, mimicry, mime

  • For the INTELLECTUALS: Quizzes, panel discussions, debates, creative writing, conducting and analysing surveys, documentation, research papers etc.
  • For the ARTIST, the POET, the ESSAYIST and the COLLECTOR: Wallpaper, notice boards, and exhibitions.

An important facet of the CULFEST is that the students organize the event and create platforms for welcoming talents from different colleges/ institutions of the state, thus creating an environment of sharing, learning and appreciation.

There are activities conducted by each department that gives ample opportunities of participation for students. Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day, Christmas, seminars, workshops, exhibitions are occasions where students can nurture aesthetic skills.