National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The College contributes towards national development by offering various opportunities through NCC. The NCC recruits students of both genders for their Army, Navy and Air Wings. Many of our cadets have received high honours in each of these including the Governor’s Gold Medal, and representation at National Camps or the Republic Day Parade in Delhi or have gone abroad on the Youth Exchange Programme. All able-bodied First Year students MUST serve in any one between NCC, NSS, Tarumitra or participate in Sports, Cultural Activities or PT

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National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS provides students with training in leadership. It offers an excellent opportunity to students to develop their human qualities of concern for the disadvantaged in society, and become sensitive to them and their conditions. NSS helps students to develop appreciation of the other person’s point of view and show consideration to other living beings. It puts them in touch with their less fortunate fellow beings

Career Cell

The Career cell of the college helps to create awareness among students and conducts activities so that they are equipped to make informed choices. The career cell provides information regarding current career trends, and choice of subjects. Experts from industries and career counsellors are invited to facilitate career seminars, aptitude tests, and nuances of giving interviews and group discussions.

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Extracurricular Activities

In our effort to nurture and develop aesthetic skills, St. Xavier’s College offers ample opportunity to showcase students’ talents at the University Youth Festival and during the annual College Culfest. Some of the activities that are offered:


St. Xavier’s College upholds the maxim ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ as sports and games being an integral part of Jesuit education. Several facilities are available for students to live the maxim on campus. In appreciation of excellent performance in sports, annual awards are conferred to the players who have performed well in their individual games and represented Gujarat University in the academic year.

Highest Honours given are ‘Sports Men of the Year’ & ‘Sports Women of the Year’ to those individual who have excelled in the sports in an academic year.

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Clubs enable students to pursue their special interest and are a platform for facilitating student interaction. Club activities help students to prune / harness their skills in their areas of fascination. Currently St Xavier’s has an active astronomy club and Tarumitra, an initiative, which creates awareness and sensitivity towards environmental concerns both among students and citizens at large

ICT Facilities

St. Xavier’s College uses ICT effectively for teaching-learning as well as for administration. All classrooms, seminar halls, auditoriums, library and offices are Wi-Fi enabled and internet is made available to staff and students. LAN facility is also made available in seven classrooms and to some key offices.

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Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement

The campus is abuzz with activities all through the year that create an invigorating atmosphere for students’ development. These activities comprise workshops, conferences, competitions, camps and more.

Administrative Assistance

St Xavier’s College provides Online Service for mark-sheet verification, Transcript and other certificates a student requires through ERP login.

General Instructions


Mentoring is an integral part of St Xavier’s College. Mentoring provides a support system to motivate students to excel in both academic and non-academic fields so that college life lays a solid foundation for future career. It also helps students to be a positive role model and adapt to the stimulating learning environment of the campus. A group of students are assigned to a faculty member at the commencement of their academic programme. The mentor meets students individually or in groups on a regular basis.