National Service Scheme (NSS)

The NSS provides students with training in leadership. It offers an excellent opportunity to students to develop their human qualities of concern for the disadvantaged in society, and become sensitive to them and their conditions. NSS helps students to develop appreciation of the other person’s point of view and show consideration to other living beings. It puts them in touch with their less fortunate fellow beings: the poor, the sick and the suffering. Periodic visits to villages and neighbourhood slums exposes them to a different social environment of India that is often neglected and ignored. Those who join the NSS are required, by University rules, to render 120 hours of service during the year. Apart from the 10-day camps organised through the University, students who join the NSS are expected to render at least one hour of community service per week.

The NSS in St. Xavier's works in both urban and rural areas. The urban initiatives include:

Blood donation camps in College.
Campus cleanliness drive.
Awareness campaign on social issues like HIV / AIDS, gender, child abuse, traffic awareness, etc.
Surveys in neighbourhood slums.
Networking with SXSSS and other local NGOs.
Outreach programmes in old age homes.
Adoption of a village in collaboration with SXSSS.